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Governance : Professional Development & Training
High quality school governor training and professional development .
We deliver a high quality professional development package of training and support to enable Governors to carry out their role effectively.
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Ofsted - Changes to short Inspections - January 2018
11 Dec
Ofsted will go ahead with reform of the short inspections system following a recent consultation. Since 2015, schools previously judged ‘good’ have received short one day inspections that do not result in a full set of judgements but are converted to a full inspection if inspectors do not find sufficient evidence that a school remains ‘good’. From January 2018, there will be four possible outcomes from a short inspection: if inspectors are confident that the school remains ‘good’, the school will receive a letter confirming this; another short inspection will take place in approximately 3 years (in line with the existing system); if there are “serious concerns about safeguarding, behaviour or the quality of education”, the school will receive a full inspection within 48 hours; if inspectors suspect that there has been a decline and the school is no longer ‘good’, the school will receive a letter setting out the findings and a full inspection will take place “typically within one to two years but no later than five years since the previous full section 5 inspection”; if inspectors believe that there has been an improvement towards ‘outstanding’, the school will receive a letter setting out the findings and a full inspection within two years.
Statutory school polices 2014
19 Nov
This is the latest DfE guidance on statutory policies for schools.
School Governance (Misc Amendments) Regulations 2015
19 Nov
DfE statutory instrument with amendments to the 2012 regulations